Seek 120 More Survey Responses for Valid Survey Sample Size — Want to Know Your Biggest Challenges, Successes and Frustrations

Update — February 16, 2007

Thanks to all of you, and I mean the more than 1,000 of you, who have already responded to my survey. Now I’m looking for 100 folks to ensure I have a valid sample size.

I’d really appreciate your help in finishing this project. It’ll get you some great tips from peers, and some revealing insights into the world of nonprofit communciations outside of your own organization.

So don’t stop at go. Please take 5 minutes now to respond to the survey.

Thanks so much,

Nancy E. Schwartz

Publisher, Getting Attention Blog and E-Newsletter

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As you may know, I’m conducting a survey of nonprofit and foundation communicators.   

Let me tell you why I’m doing this, and how you can help.

Since 2002, I’ve published more than 60 Getting Attention e-news articles on a wide range of nonprofit and foundation communication strategy and tactical issues. Plus more than 200 blog posts in the last year.

Every one of them is aimed at helping you do a better job carrying out positive change in your community and chosen field of service.

You can read these articles–a library covering such topics as Branding and Messages, Blogging, Cause Marketing, Copywriting, Email and E-Newsletters, Graphic Design, Media and Press Relations, Planning and Evaluation, and Strategy–here.

I couldn’t have written these features without your help. And I’m extremely grateful for all of the constructive feedback, comments and support you have offered over the years.

By the way, you are now a part of a growing community of more than 3,200 nonprofit professionals who rely on Getting Attention content to do their jobs even better.


Yes, this is a heart-felt request for your participation in audience research.

I need your help to keep Getting Attention going and getting better.

Your answers to my survey questions are crucial because they shape content and strengthen the utility of your Getting Attention e-news and blog.

The survey will take you no more than five minutes. 

I will reward your effort with improved, how-to case studies and articles that you’ll be  able to put to use quickly and easily in your own organization.

I hope you think it’s a fair trade for your time.

So, please take the survey now.

And I’d be grateful if you would forward this request to friends and colleagues in the field as I’m striving for a reliable survey sample size for most accurate results.

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