Seeking Blog Posts on Nonprofit Use of Social Networking Tools

Get ready, the Carnival is coming to town. Next Monday, November 13th, I’ll be hosting the next edition of the Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants — a weekly compilation of the best guidance and resources that nonprofit consultants post on via their blogs.

Next week, I’ll be featuring posts on nonprofit use of social networking tools (MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, etc.). Write a post covering one or more of the following topics, and email it to me by Sunday, November 12th.

  • Context: As more and more communications channels come on the scene, we, as communicators, have more to analyze, experiment with, and staff (and sometimes pay for).
  • How do we:
    • Find the time to explore an ever expanding menu of communications channels
    • Identify the channels that will be most effective
    • Ramp up our skill base in those channels
    • Convince leadership to invest in these channels (even if it means more budget, or doing less via traditional channels)
    • Learn from other nonprofit communicators
    • What channels have the greatest potential for various facets of nonprofit communications (giving, advocacy, program/service marketing, branding, etc.), and why?
  • What are some social networking “don’ts” for nonprofit organizations?

I’m looking for your post (either a recent post, or a new one you’ll write for this purpose) on any or all of these topics. And please consider marketing in its broadest sense.. as it relates to fundraising, messaging, technology, etc.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Some time between now and Sunday, November 12, publish your nonprofit/social marketing post.
  2. Once you’ve done that, send me your post’s URL (the post permalink, not the blog’s URL) at [email protected]
  3. On the afternoon of Monday, November 13, I’ll post the Carnival.  The Carnival post will feature comments on and links to the seven most relevant posts submitted.

I’ve found that participating in this carnival is a great way to boost blog traffic, and be discovered by new readers.  The weeks my posts have been in it, I’ve seen a modest but persistent increase in traffic. In addition, I’ve found it refreshing to be pushed by a colleague to think and comment on a topic they’ve selected.

Don’t forget to come back next Monday to join me at the

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