Sierra Club Earth Day Email Success — Upped My Awareness & Engagement in a Snap

Sierra Club Earth Day Email Success -- Upped My Awareness & Engagement in a Snap I received an email from the Sierra Club last week offering me seven easy ways to rock my earth day. Loved it. 

The email was short, to the point and helped me out hugely. You see our daughter Charlotte is the biggest reduce-reuse-recycler there is, and she's been asking me about what we're doing on Earth Day (4/22).

This succinct email made it easy for me to get a plan together, and feel very appreciative of the Sierra Club. Even more importantly, it's a great example of an org hooking its work into a news event (can be a holiday, an anniversary related to your issue focus, or an actual event like legislation passing or in the news.

Connecting your org's work with whatever's in the news or otherwise top of mind is one of the most effective (and easiest) communications strategies out there. So map out your editorial calendar for the next few months and piggyback away.

One suggestion though; make sure the timing is a bit more aligned than was the Sierra Club's. I received its email on earth day more than two weeks before the day itself. Earth day had just floated across my lens at that point and I'm sure was not on those minds without a mini eco-powerhouse in the house. An April 15th release would have been better timing.

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