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Don't Throw $ Away on the Wrong Message to the Right AudienceYesterday’s mail brought this glossy, 64 pp. magazine from the Alzheimer’s Association. It went right into the recycling bin.

Wrong strategy to the right audience, nonprofit marketing people. The Association got my name when I sponsored my friend Stuart in the NY Chapter’s fundraising walk for two years running. Stuart’s story — of caring for his close friend struck with Alzheimer’s at a young age — drew me (and my donation) in.

But, instead of following up with me post-walk, and subsequently, with stories like Stuart’s (and those are how most walk donors are pulled in), the Association blasts this expensive but useless promotion out to its entire list.

Two takeaways here, marketers:

  1. Match the message and channel to the audience. Otherwise, you alienate them, and waste valuable resource (this magazine was printed on heavy, high-gloss stock, yikes).
  2. Keep in touch with event audiences following the event and then periodically till the next one — to keep them engaged — but do it in a way that reinforces their initial way in.

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