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How to Use Storytelling to Engage & Motivate Your Base -- Free GuideI was astonished to see how succinctly storytelling expert Andy Goodman summed up the must-dos in his NTEN Webinar, covered here by Fundraising Success. He's a consummate storyteller himself, but few folks can share their wisdom in such a clear way.

Here are Andy's musts for a well-told story:

Five Key Structural Elements

  1. Protagonist. The person who we follow through the story.
  2. Inciting incident. Something that happens that kicks the story into action.
  3. Barrier. Something that stands in the protagonist's way. According to Goodman, this is what makes stories interesting and is absolutely critical.
  4. Resolution. When the hero gets around the last barrier.
  5. Goal.

Six Must-Have Qualities
   1. Concise, but colorful.
   2. Told in the language of the audience.
   3. Not predictable.
   4. Emotionally engaging.
   5. Includes a moment of truth.
   6. Shows, rather than telling.

Read the complete article for more detail and a few case studies! You'll never look back, especially after you see how (as Andy advises will happen) your base remembers much more about your org's work conveyed in a story, versus just telling them about it.

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