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Invest 4 minutes in watching this energizing video from the Kids Count program team at the Annie E. Casey Foundation. Here program staff Laura Speer and Don Crary discuss their conviction that effective marketing is integral to program success (hallelujah!) and their experience in putting marketing to work for Kids Count.

According to Julee Newberger, online communications associate at Casey, Laura and Don are ideal partners for the Foundation’s marketing team. Here’s how the teams have collaborated for increased reach and impact:

  • The Kids Count team integrates communications into their program planning, from the very beginning.

    • In most organizations, marketing is an after-thought, discussed only after the program is planned and about to launch. That’s way too late to get the most from your marketing.
  • Laura and Don work closely with the Foundation’s communications team in planning and execution.
    • Each team contributes their unique expertise.
  • Kids Count leverages its network of grantees — who have the knowledge and experience to communicate most effectively at the local level, including with policymakers — as messengers.
    • The Foundation bring credibility and brand to the outreach agenda; the grantees bring their network of relationships.
  • Kids Count makes it easy for its grantee messengers to succeed.
    • Grantees across the nation are equipped with the tools and content they need, such as a widget that makes it easy for them to insert a feed of new content on key issues into their websites.
    • Messengers are trained in framing, social media and other communications techniques.

Laura, Don and Julee are fantastic models. Their experience demonstrates that collaboration — when done strategically and respectfully — is so much more than the sum of its individual parts.

How do your marketing and program teams collaborate and what makes it work? If you don’t, or you do but it doesn’t work, what’s getting in your way? Please share your experiences and questions here.

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