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audience researchI’m fascinated by the Russian spy ring’s attempt to  extract U.S. secrets. They counted on their ability to burrow deep into typical American life to develop their understanding of the U.S. government’s goals and strategies.

One of their primary strategies in doing so –  knowing their “audience,”  the neighbors and other folks who had to believe they were just “regular folks” – is the key to advancing your nonprofit’s marketing impact. In your case, it’s an absolute must for strengthening the relationships with your current and prospective donors, advocates, volunteers and more that are the foundation of effective nonprofit marketing.

The goal

To understand your audiences well, in order to find the intersection of their wants and needs and those of your organization. That intersection is where connection happens, followed by engagement.

The spies had their audience down cold

“A neighbor of the Murphy family described them as “suburbia personified. Richard Murphy mowed the lawn; Cynthia Murphy came home from work…with daffodils and French bread in her hands.

“Relatives, friends, classmates, neighbors and co-workers of the three couples expressed shock at the arrests, and they searched their memories for signs that something was amiss, but mostly came up blank,” according to a story in today’s New York Times.

Clearly, the spies and their colleagues back at Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service had thoroughly studied these communities for the spies to embed themselves so successfully there.

Read the full article to learn how to get to know your audience without putting espionage to work

Trench coat, anyone?

P.S. Learn more about personas here: Create Personas to Bridge the Gap with Target Audiences

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Here's How to Solicit Free & Vital Input on Your Web Site Design, Make Your Base Love You More than EverNTEN is redesigning its Web site, and it’s calling far and wide for its network (members and non-members alike) to participate in the process. Here’s one of the invites.

Audience research is the only way to ensure that any communications initiative has maximum impact. And Web site design is so complex (look at how many folks it keeps in business) that soliciting input on your site design is even more important than it is for most other communications channels.

I admire NTEN’s openness in its call for input (they’re reaching out via their blog, to members via email and in other ways). It speaks volumes about the organization’s desire to serve the nonprofit sector, and will definitely generate a new Web site that’s far more effective.

Give your two cents today! You can do it here, in only 10-15 minutes. When you do, you’ll get a bonus — some great ideas on putting your network to work to strengthen your org’s communications.

P.S. Read this guide to shaping your org’s Web site to generate the actions you need.

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