Bag a Lunch

Let's Do Lunch Simple but Surprising Marketing Works for Bag a Lunch DayJoin me in donating one day’s lunch money to Table to Table, a NJ regional organization working to fight hunger in our communities (which frequently appear more affluent than they really are). This is the 10th year of the Bag a Lunch program, but it’s more meaningful (and likely to be more successful) than ever now when big giving is less possible for many folks. 

The bag (with description, see above) was front and center at the check-in desk at my local JCC (gym, community center, day care center and more), just one of many local venues and companies asking its members, visitors or employees to donate that cash they’d normally spend for lunch. The bag, as simple as it is and perhaps BECAUSE it is so simple and part of daily life (especially if you’re making school lunches every day), grabbed my attention like no brochure or huge sign could. It surprised me: I’ve never seen a bag that doubles as a brochure and donation collection device. Brilliant!

Not only was I drawn by the bag, I was drawn further in by the JCC inviting me to participate. Since the JCC is a community I’m already involved with, this invitation was more meaningful than if it had come directly from Table to Table, which I didn’t know. Brilliant again to build on existing relationships, rather than asking for $ while trying to build a new relationship (never works)!

Congrats to Table to Table. They’ve put a low-cost, simple but highly effective marketing campaign to work for Bag a Lunch Day. Win-win, all in a paper bag.

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