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Marketing your way through times like these is gritty, sweaty, get-your-hands-dirty work. Your challenge right now is to step-up with a sense of adventure, a bolt of courage and persistent innovation. It’s the only choice. And those are the attributes Tracy Mitchell, Executive Director of Sag Harbor, NY’s nonprofit Bay Street Theatre, brings to her marketing responsibilities every day. (Note: Full case study here)

The Challenge: Diverse Audiences Hard to Reach and Engage, Much Less Build into a Loyal Community of Supporters
Even with a successful 18-year run under its belt, Bay Street Theatre was threatened by the challenge of serving its diverse base as well as by cuts in funding and in patrons’ expendable income. Mitchell knew she had to find a “way beyond traditional marketing and programming to expand the theater’s role in residents’ lives.”


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5 Nonprofit Marketing Innovations for Recession SurvivalMarketing your way through a recession is gritty, sweaty, get-your-hands-dirty work.

Just when the need is greater than ever, resources are way down. And it’s all too easy to let your dismay or fear seep through to your organization’s base; which motivates lack of confidence, rather than increased support.

The challenge here is to respond with courage and innovation. It’s the only choice. And that’s exactly how Tracy Mitchell, General Manager of Sag Harbor, NY’s nonprofit Bay Street Theatre, tackled her marketing dilemmas, even before the recession hit in full force.

Read (and share) the full case study be guided, and inspired, by the way Bay Street has introduced new strategies into its marketing mix at minimal risk and cost!

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