As the nonprofit landscape gets increasingly complex and your org reaches out and  is discussed on infinite communications channels, it’s more important than ever to brand your organization, programs and campaigns.

But with the way nonprofit communications is expanding at lightning speed, how can you ensure everyone in your organization is speaking with the same voice? When you do so – conveying credibility and value in a way that’s easy to remember and repeat – you’ll build long-lasting relationships with donors, volunteers, members, the media, clients, and more. But it’s more challenging than ever in our 2.0 world.

Please register right now to join me and Big Duck’s Sarah Durham, author of Brandraising, Tuesday,  May 18th, 1pm eastern to learn how to tackle this challenge. Thanks much to Network for Good for sponsoring this no-charge discussion.


  1. Build your understanding of what a brand is, what branding takes and how it helps your build strong relationships.
  2. Sharpen your brand outline to ensure you stand out, generating action and building loyalty and express it consistently across channels.
  3. Learn how to train your staff, volunteers and base to carry your brand forward in their own social networking, activism or just plain socializing via charity badge

P.S. Don’t worry if you can’t participate live or if you’re reading this way past the live call: Register here to receive an mp3 recording and text transcript. Find out more here.

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