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Mercy Corps Gets My $ for Chinese Earthquake Relief Effort -- Here's WhyOnce again, like in last week’s lightning response to Myanmar’s cyclone Nagris, Mercy Corps was out there first with a program in place to provide relief to survivors of the earthquake in China.

With more than 12,000 already reported dead, and the count climbing by the minute, it’s clear that the scale of devastation is huge. Immeasurable relief aid needed for their survivors — most without shelter, clothing, food and livelihood. Unfortunately, the challenge of raising relief dollars is going to be harder than ever, with last week’s disaster in Myanmar leaving many prospective donors feeling tapped out.

Here’s how Mercy Corps communicates its ability to help, and quickly convinced me that I should direct my donation to them and ask friends and family to do the same:

  • Highlights the earthquake relief effort on its home page, with text and a photo, and a link to…
  • Provides a full-page description of how Mercy Corps is already working with its longterm partner org in the region (China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation (CFPA))
    • These partnerships, with orgs with established relationships in and understanding of regions, are a hallmark of how Mercy Corps does it work, and a real differentiator.
    • Even in the context of a crisis like this, Mercy Corps brand shines through.
  • Offers a donate form that let me direct my gift to the China earthquake relief effort.
    • I couldn’t find another org that gave me this option when I donated this morning at 10am est.

With this impressive, on-target communications approach, I wasn’t surprised to receive a prompt thank you email “from” founder Dan O’Neill. Dan thanked me for my gift, and reiterated the way Mercy Corps works and how my donation will help (generally). Also, he tells me that via donating I’ve subscribed to their e-newsletter (good approach) and directs me how to unsubscribe should I so desire. Only addition I’d like to see is a relief-effort-specific paragraph, and a promise to keep me informed on Mercy Corps work in the China earthquake relief effort.

But most importantly, I urge you to give now to aid the hundreds of thousands of survivors, left without family, shelter, clothing, food and livelihood.

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