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This is the conclusion reached by panelists at a recent discussion a recent discussion, “Standing Out in a Crowded Field: Attracting Resources to Meet the Ambitions of Today’s Social Entrepreneurs.”  The key point for us communicators is that it’s all too easy to forget communicating with key partners — these crucial conversations tend to get lost in the frenzy to reach and engage board members, donors, volunteers.

It’s a given that the way funders and nonprofits communicate with each other has gone through major changes in recent years.  Grantseekers can no longer stand on their record of good work but must effectively communications achievements and future goals. Funders have learned to be much clearer and more explicit about the nature of their giving, and what they are trying to achieve through their grantmaking.

As I see it, this shift benefits both sides of the giving equation. Grantseeking organizations gain a clearer sense of their successes and ongoing challenges in striving for stronger communications and credibility. Grantmakers benefit from a stronger sense of organizational focus, and are able to generate more qualified grant applications, that are more likely to lead to achievement of their funding goals, through more detailed, clearer communications on giving.

Read the complete report here. Listen to the complete discussion here.

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