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You're InvitedThis is such a wild approach and opportunity that I had to share it with you pronto, and invite you to join me today at 4:30PM ET (and/or tomorrow at 12PM ET) to see what it’s all about.

The folks at Creating the Future (CTF) believe that the way that nonprofits and consultants supporting orgs operate (in general) is ineffective. More specifically, CTF leaders believe that nonprofit leaders and consultants can grow their changemaking power hugely by need to work together sharing processes and products now held close. CTF’s mission is to increase .orgs’ impact on social change by changing that way of operating across all core functions.

CTF walks the talk, and uses its own evolution and practices as a demonstration project open to all organizations, a.k.a. Full Frontal Engagement. Opening up all of their planning meetings is a key component.

Join them (and me) today at 4:30-6PM ET (fine to cycle in and out) for the “first meeting on branding, identity and messaging strategy with a new client/consultant.” They’re meeting one marketing consultant today, and another tomorrow at 12-1:30 PM ET. If you can’t make these times, stop in via video at your convenience.


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