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Jeff Brooks, Mr. Donor Power Blog, published a great brief this week on the importance of sticking to the facts in your marketing copy, be it advocacy or fundraising-oriented. Brooks discusses the difference between values-based and fact-based content, providing these examples:

"More than 300,000 people have died in Darfur since the conflict began" is a fact statement. It’s either true or false. But "The genocide in Darfur is the most brutal and despicable act ever perpetrated by a modern government" is a values statement. It’s an opinion. Perhaps uncontroversial, but an opinion nonetheless.

What’s important, stresses Brooks, is that you build your content (for a website, direct marketing letter, e-news or brochure) around facts, integrating values-based content only when it makes a high-impact contribution. Otherwise you deplete the crediblity of your messages.

Read more on Brooks advice to lean towards fact-based content here.

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