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Corzine Owes NJ (and All) Citizens a Wear Your Seat Belt CampaignUpdate — May 2, 2007

Corzine has apologized, and voluntarily paid his $46 fine for failing to wear a seat belt. I appreciate that, but hope he’ll take it further to full-scale “wear your seat belt” activism. The opportunity is there.
You’ve probably heard about Governor John Corzine’s (NJ) critical injuries (12 broken ribs, broken sternum and collarbone, broken femur, and many more) resulting from an automobile crash late last week. Strange thing? Corzine was not wearing a seat belt, even though doing so is required by NJ law. That’s a model?

I wish Governor Corzine a speedy and thorough recovery (NJ needs him bad), but hope that includes a mea culpa in terms of the arrogance conveyed in breaking the seat belt law, and the terrible example he’s set for folks nationwide.

The New Jersey seat belt law calls for a $42 fine for non-wearers. There are no points involved and it is not a moving violation.

What I’d love to see is Corzine making bad out of good by personally spearheading the Click It or Ticket seat belt safety campaign that was already scheduled to launch in late May. The seat belt safety campaign will include radio and TV ads, plus increased law enforcement.

The campaign will be in full-swing long before the governor recuperates from his injuries, so what better opportunity for Corzine than to be the star of the campaign, showcasing his healing process (and advocating for seat belt wearing state (and nationwide). And he should extend the campaign from its current three-week run.

Drama gets attention, and this is drama. So get well soon, Governor Corzine. Your family needs you and we need you — in the state house and as the spokesperson of the Click It or Ticket campaign.

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