Earthjustice Packs a Visual Punch -- Picture Worth 2,000 Words

Take a good hard look at this stellar example of a picture worth far more than 1,000 words.

Believe me, this approach is a welcome reprieve for your network from the endless narrative they're fed from most organizations. Visuals (especially photos) tell more of a story so facilitate the learning process, and are easier to remember and associate with facts. Plus photos like this one pull heartstrings, tweaking emotions as well as reason. We want to make sure these adorable kids in grass-stained jeans stay okay.

Dare to try something different. Replace some of the content you're crafting today with a photo or other visual. Your network will appreciate it, and respond accordingly. Just ask Earthjustice.

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Nancy Schwartz in Fresh Takes, Graphic Design, Nonprofit Communications, Taglines | 0 comments
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