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See below for a creative, engaging and mission-driven use of an email auto-responder (what you set up in your email program when you’re away or otherwise unable to reply in a timely manner) as a strategic marketing tactic. Kudos to Molly Thompson, Development and Communications Coordinator with Pillsbury United Communities, for turning what’s usually plain vanilla on its ear!

Thank you for your email. On Sunday, May 22, 2011, an EF1 tornado ripped through the streets of north Minneapolis, damaging homes and businesses. Many of our neighbors were directly impacted by the storm, as was Pillsbury United Communities.

We have responded to this crisis as we always have with time, energy, resources, ingenuity, and community support. Recovering from this tragedy will take both time and effort. For more information on how to help or to make a tax-deductible donation to assist in the recovery efforts, please visit

What can you do with your org’s auto-responders? That’s a lot of email you could be putting to work!

P.S. Here’s how to use your email signature to engage your network.

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2010 delivered cause-marketing shockers, highly-effective disaster relief communications, a tougher-than-ever fundraising environment and the continued emergence of Facebook, even as the basics remained the cornerstone of nonprofit marketing impact.

Here are the tools, case studies and recommendations that nonprofit marketers like you found most valuable in guiding them through this tough year:

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My Top 6 Guides to Effective Fundraising—What Are Yours?

New Nonprofit Tagline Database and 2011 Report: Free and Open for Use
“These are great tools for crafting effective messages, and so easy to use,” says Peggy Kebel, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation – Local Funding Partnerships.

Nonprofit Marketing Plan Template—Ready-to-Use

Red Cross’ Communications Innovation in Haiti Disaster Relief Effort — Smart Stuff

There’s More to Marketing than Social Media

Unleash the Power of Your Email Signature

P.S. Get in-depth case studies, templates and tools, and guidance for nonprofit marketing  success — all featured in the twice-monthly Getting Attention e-update. Subscribe today.

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12 Ways to Get the Most from Your TaglineA great tagline separates your organization from the pack while expressing the heart and soul of your organization.  So when you integrate your tagline into all of your communications, you’re well on your way to having a memorable brand. Here’s how:

First and foremost, train your staff and volunteers (if you have them) to use your tagline in conversations about your organization’s work.  Using your tagline is a great lead-in when asked what your organization does.

Next, feature your tagline in all of your communications in print and on the web.  Adding the tagline to your email signature is a cost-effective way to share information about your organization.

Houston Food Bank, a 2009 Getting Attention Tagline Award winner, has gone the extra mile and included its tagline (Filling pantries, Filling lives) in its main voicemail message.  This is a simple, often overlooked way to communicate information about your organization, particularly potent during off hours.

Here is a handy checklist to make sure that you are getting the most out of your tagline:

In print:
1.  Stationery including business cards
2.  Brochures
3.  Direct mail
4.  Print advertising

5.  Website
6.  Blog
7.  Social media – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

In direct communications:
8.  Print and e- newsletters
9.  Email signature

Often overlooked:
11. Voicemail
12. Powerpoint presentations
13. Promotions – t-shirts, mugs, tote bags

What are your additions to this checklist?  Please note how you’re using your tagline in the Comments box below to share it with the Getting Attention community!

P.S. Learn how to craft a compelling story for your org in 8 words or less. Download the free 2009 Nonprofit Tagline Report, filled with must-dos, don’t dos, case studies and 2,500+ nonprofit tagline examples!

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Unleash the Power of Your Email Signature -- The Most-Missed Marketing Opportunity

Email signatures (a.k.a. sig lines) are a powerful, low-cost, high-return marketing tool for your organization.

But what’s surprising is how seldom sig lines are put to work. In fact, I frequently receive emails from nonprofit staff members with no sig line at all. Now that’s a wasted opportunity.

Consider this: If your organization has 30 employees, each of whom sends 30 emails daily to folks outside the org, then (assuming 250 business days) that’s 225,000 ad views annually, at no cost or much extra effort. If you have 100 employees, that’s 750,000 ad views annually.

Dive into this brief guide to crafting an effective sig line, and how it will benefit your organization.

When you do, your nonprofit could be getting a strong, memorable message out with every email by the end of this week!  It’s an easy way to jump-start your 2009 marketing agenda.

P.S. Yes We Can! When a powerful tagline is joined to a compelling mission…nothing is impossible! Download the free Nonprofit Tagline Report for must-dos, don’t dos, case studies and 1,000+ nonprofit tagline examples!

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