Environmental Defense re-purpose Roll Call New Patriotism Declaration

More Bang for Your Nonprofit's Marketing Buck -- Bring Your Print Ads to E-News ReadersI was thrilled to receive an email
yesterday from Environmental Defense (ED), urging me to take a look at the print ad they’re running in Roll Call (the D.C.-based daily paper on congressional news) today.  When I clicked on the link provided, I got to a page that engaged me (I’m a donor) and made me feel that the organization is doing great work.  Now I’m ready to give more.

Here’s how ED succeeds in engaging two critical audiences (legislators and citizen supporters/advocates), for the price of a single ad. They:

  1. Place the ad for a specific audience (congressional representatives, senators and their staff members) — telling them that 50,000 ED supporters (most of whom receive their email) have signed the New Patriotism Declaration urging Congress to cap and cut global warming pollution.
  2. Piggyback on the ad campaign via outreach to Declaration signers and other supporters (demonstrating follow through, and competency) — showcasing the ad and explaining ED’s strategy.
  3. Continue the conversation with these supporters, who may not have been involved with ED since signing the Declaration, thanking them for their support and nurturing them as a loyal community rather than a group of individuals.
  4. Update this community on encouraging committee work and pending legislation on Capitol Hill,  paving the way for future requests for support — donation- and advocacy-wise.

Strong double play, Environmental Defense.

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