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Roger CraverPart 1—In which Roger advises how to stem the tide of lost donors.

Roger Craver tells it like it is. Right now, he’s all about donor loyalty, all the time. That’s because nonprofits like yours are losing 7 of 10 donors every year. That adds up to a 25% decrease in retention rate over the last ten years. Ugh!

Here, in this out take from the fabulous Engage Conference last month, Roger drills down into the specific changes in mindsets, methods and metrics essential to your organization’s growth. (Teaser: Marketing plays a vital role here.)

Get your donor-centered Mindset in place

1) Commit to retention—Your shift here is worth $250,000 in lifetime value (LTV) of each donor if you do it right.


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Roger CraverPart 2—In which Roger recommends specific changes to make in mindsets, methods and metrics.

Among other adventures recently, I met and learned with famed fundraiser Roger Craver at the fabulous Engage Conference.

Roger is a guy who doesn’t hold back. He shares what he knows, sees and suggests with absolutely no restraint.

You may agree with him or not, but his bold, evidence-based recommendations are a huge gift to the rest of us. Roger always gives you something that’s worthy of consideration. Whether you follow his guidance or not, the process of consideration itself will move your fundraising forward.

Roger’s main message today is that organizations like yours are losing 7 of 10 donors every year due to fairy-tale fundraising. Here’s what you should do about it:


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effective nonprofit videoOnline video is one of the best ways to tell your nonprofit’s story. When done right, it can forge powerful connections between your organization and your supporters, but only when it stands out from the competition in three minutes or less.

Read my article in the latest Fundraising Success to learn the 11 steps to take to launch a successful video for your nonprofit!

Teaser: Modest production values can generate huge impact. Take a look at this simple but powerful video from the St. Joseph  Ballet, developed to build understanding of its work and impact around its name change.

P.S. Get more in-depth articles, case studies and guides to nonprofit marketing (and video) success — all featured in the twice-monthly Getting Attention e-update. Subscribe today.

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fundraising success virtual conferencePlease join me at the first ever virtual fundraising conference produced by Fundraising Success.

I’m really excited about this opportunity, especially since I can participate from my office. In particular, I’m looking forward to these sessions:

  • Top 10 Tips for Fundraising in 2010
  • 25 Good Ideas for Improving Your Fundraising Results
  • Today’s Hottest Topics in Fundraising.

Presenters include experts from many disciplines — ranging from fundraising guru Roger Craver’s keynote on those top 10 tips to Jono Smith, marketing director at Event360 guiding us to more effectively harnessing the passion of event participants to increase giving and awareness.

You’ll find the full agenda here, with all details.  And, even if you’re booked tomorrow or have time for only live session, all sessions will be available to you on-demand for 3 months (but only if you’ve registered). So register now!

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How to Use Storytelling to Engage & Motivate Your Base -- Free GuideI was astonished to see how succinctly storytelling expert Andy Goodman summed up the must-dos in his NTEN Webinar, covered here by Fundraising Success. He's a consummate storyteller himself, but few folks can share their wisdom in such a clear way.

Here are Andy's musts for a well-told story:

Five Key Structural Elements

  1. Protagonist. The person who we follow through the story.
  2. Inciting incident. Something that happens that kicks the story into action.
  3. Barrier. Something that stands in the protagonist's way. According to Goodman, this is what makes stories interesting and is absolutely critical.
  4. Resolution. When the hero gets around the last barrier.
  5. Goal.

Six Must-Have Qualities
   1. Concise, but colorful.
   2. Told in the language of the audience.
   3. Not predictable.
   4. Emotionally engaging.
   5. Includes a moment of truth.
   6. Shows, rather than telling.

Read the complete article for more detail and a few case studies! You'll never look back, especially after you see how (as Andy advises will happen) your base remembers much more about your org's work conveyed in a story, versus just telling them about it.

A high-impact tagline for your org is another vital marketing strategy. Download the free Nonprofit Tagline Report for must-dos, don't dos, case studies and 1,000+ nonprofit tagline examples!

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Join me, Big Duck’s Sarah Durham and brand brain Larry Checco Wed., 12/17 to learn how to make sure your org’s brand shines through the deluge of messages and media out there.

We’ll guide you to do so in this info-packed hour-long webinar sponsored by FundRaising Success, Wednesday, December 17th, 2pm eastern/11 pacific.

You’ll learn: 1) How to establish a strong, memorable brand for your organization; 2) How to create a powerful tag line that will bolster your organization’s brand; and 3) How to monitor consistency of your brand across channels.

Come to this session armed with your questions about branding, to be answered in a live Q&A segment.

Register now. Slots are limited and going fast.

P.S. Yes We Can! When a powerful tagline is joined to a compelling mission…nothing is impossible! Download the free Nonprofit Tagline Report for must-dos, don’t dos, case studies and 1,000+ nonprofit tagline examples!

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