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Thanks to You 3,062 Voters for the First Getting Attention Nonprofit Tagline AwardsA big thanks to all of you who showed your interest and support by voting for the tagline award winners.

I was amazed that more than 3,000 nonprofit professionals voted; more than I ever expected.

Stay tuned for mid-July publication of The Nonprofit Tagline Report, with dos, don’ts, trends and award winners. And that’s not all…

Report readers also get The 2008 Nonprofit Tagline List with 1,000+ nonprofit taglines. These taglines are a great inspiration and brainstorming tool for your organization’s branding process.

Strengthen your nonprofit brand with the Getting Attention Nonprofit Tagline Report. Subscribe to the Getting Attention e-newsletter (in-depth articles and case studies on nonprofit marketing) to get the free report on publication in mid-September 2008.

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