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Vote for the Best Nonprofit Taglines -- 2008 Getting Attention Nonprofit Tagline AwardsPlace your vote today for the first Getting Attention Nonprofit Tagline Awards. These tagline finalists have been carefully culled from the more than 1,050 taglines submitted to our recent Tagline Survey. They’re all fantastic, but they all can’t be the best.

The organizations behind these taglines have done a fantastic job in putting eight words or less to work to build their brands. Now it’s your turn to select which are the best in class.

Vote today — I want to know what you think. It’ll take you 7minutes or less; polls close Friday, June 20th.

Strengthen your tagline with the Getting Attention Nonprofit Tagline Report. You’ll get a free copy (due in July), when you subscribe to the Getting Attention e-newsletter (featuring in-depth articles and case studies on nonprofit marketing).

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