Nothing thrills me more than travel. So what a terrific surprise it was to be contacted by the folks at New Zealand’s Association Resource Trust to keynote the first-time Marketing By Association Conference this coming February (summertime there). My entire family is going so it should be a true adventure in many ways.

Kiwi nonprofits — both associations and charities — are facing the same challenges we are: Cuts in government funding, decreases in association membership and renewals, and a more competitive environment overall. In fact, challenges for New Zealand’s nonprofits have grown even more dramatically than ours have, as in the past most charity funding came directly from the government.

That’s all changing now and nonprofits in New Zealand need to build their skills. Recent research executed by the Charities Commission found that trust and confidence are the main factors in giving and membership decisions, and that sharing tangible stories and results are crucial to building those perceptions. That’s why marketing — effectively connecting with the folks these organizations need to engage to move their missions forward — is top of mind.

When I asked my hosts if they’d be open to participation by staff members of U.S. nonprofits they gave me an enthusiastic yes. Because they, like me, know that learning is always enriched by a range of perspectives.

So let me invite you to join me for the Marketing by Association Conference, February 22, 2011 in Auckland. I promise you it’ll be a great learning opportunity and a fantastic reason to get yourself to one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

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Nancy Schwartz in Professional Development | 2 comments
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