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Red Cross Holiday Catalog Showcases Donor Impact -- Take this Cue

The American Red Cross does a stellar job in showing precisely how a donor’s gift will be used in its first-time holiday catalog.The catalog is definitely inspired by the Heifer Foundation‘s long-running holiday catalog, but the Red Cross has done a great job here. The organization has also done a great job in providing useful context for its transition to this still unusual strategy with its catalog FAQs.

Back to the catalog — I’m the biggest proponent ever of showing, not telling. That’s what builds trust, and relationships. One highly-effective strategy is to show donors how their gifts are used and this holiday catalog is a proactive example of doing just that.

Next step for the Red Cross is to keep its donors (especially catalog givers and giftees) informed on how their dollars are actually used (what disaster, how many helped). Hope to see it!

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