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Homeboy Industries Hits Home with Powerful Tagline

Every once in a while a message comes along that stops you dead in your tracks. Nothing Stops a Bullet like a Job, the tagline of Los Angeles-based workforce and community development organization Homeboy Industries, does just that. 

Voters for the 2009 Getting Attention Nonprofit Tagline Awards responded strongly to this tagline and rightfully so. The tagline packs a punch with its vivid imagery, telling a memorable story in just seven words.  

Here are a couple of the specific strengths that make this tagline so powerful:

  • It speaks directly to the interests of each audience segment; engaging the community it serves, inspiring donors to take action and encouraging others to learn more about the organization.
  • The straight-talking tone of the tagline is used consistently throughout all of Homeboy’s communications from its mission statement to its Virtual Car Wash fundraising campaign. This consistency ensures that audiences gain and maintain a sense of the organization, and are more likely to remember and repeat what’s different about it.

Nothing Stops a Bullet Like a Job raises the bar for nonprofit communicators to create powerful taglines that tell a story and inspire action.  How does your org’s tagline stack up?  

Amy Kehoe, Manager – Getting Attention

NOTE: This is the first post written by Amy Kehoe, our new manager at Nancy Schwartz & Company/GettingAttention.org.  Amy brings a strong marketing background and endless creativity to our work, and
will be contributing to the blog on a regular basis.

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