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I find myself increasingly intrigued by cause marketing. It’s marketing, right? And getting bigger all the time. A recent IEG study finds that cause marketing spending totaled $1.34 billion in 2006 — an increase of 7.5% — and is expected to reach $1.44 billion this year.

Cause marketing seems to be a strategy used by the known few — like the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation/Avon and Red/Gap partnerships. But how does your nonprofit get a piece of it?

For answers, I turned to Joe Waters, one of the best cause marketers (and bloggers) I know, and Director of Cause & Event Marketing at Boston Medical Center. Read on for Joe’s guidance on capturing cause marketing dollars for your organization.

Take a look for more of Joe’s insights in his two blogs — Selfish Giving and The Savvy Giver.

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