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How Joedy Isert's Listening Helps Heifer InternationalListening is all the rage right now and for good reason. With an ever-increasing number of communications channels, there’s much more to listen to and the ability to do so.

Most importantly, as I discussed a few weeks ago, what’s said about your organization, leaders, programs, or issues is information critical to your decision making. But, despite the fact that listening IS a must and quite feasible for nonprofits of all sizes to implement, far too many do a poor job of it or don’t do it at all.

Here’s someone to learn from: Joedy Isert (at left), director of branding and communication at Heifer International is a great listener. He emailed me just 15 minutes after I blogged on my vote for Heifer’s Holiday Catalog as the most powerful holiday fundraising campaign out there.

With just a quick but heartfelt email, Joedy thanked me for my post, emphasized how the organization values its donors and other supporters, and shared how he and his Heifer colleagues are similarly touched in “rereading the powerful stories of the lives that have been changed by the simple gift of a cow or goat.”

Joedy made a connection between us in mentioning the Heifer team’s rereading of the catalog’s stories, and in his closing wish for a good holiday wishes for me and my family. So now, although I’ve never spoken to Joedy, I feel I have a connection at Heifer International should I want to develop another Heifer story for the Getting Attention blog or e-newsletter. He’s succeeded in generating one of the greatest benefits of good listening — helping your organization’s story to travel.

Thanks Joedy, for your note and for sharing your story! Keep those ears to the ground.

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