Katya Andresen

I have so much to do but don’t know where to start!

That’s the crucial–but seldom acknowledged or discussed–challenge on which I co-led a vibrant mind meld at the Nonprofit Technology Conference (#11NTC), along with superstars Katya Andresen, Kivi Leroux Miller and Sarah Durham.

We were thrilled at the number and engagement level of the hundreds folks squished in the room. In fact, discussion got so lively we were hushed by the organizer of the session in the next room! That request exemplifies the excitement of the crowd in discussing this stuff and in meeting each other–brainstorming partners in the making!

Katya created these summary slides on the fly as we provided one-minute consulting and participants shared their bright ideas on how to:

  • Get priorities right
  • Balance is crucial between marketing and fundraising efforts, not just within marketing
  • Manage up and build leadership buy-in on priorities you set
  • Balance incoming requests (agency model) when you’re acting more strategically (i.e. you have your own job to do)
  • Do the internal marketing necessary to build support, investment and a team of messengers among your colleagues
  • Cut down your program (hint – don’t cut a channel if it’s working, just scale back your effort)
  • Break up with social media if the ROI isn’t there.

Here are a few other outtakes on the session:

What do you have to add to these bright spots? Please share it here.

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When we announced the winners of this year’s Nonprofit Tagline Awards (The Taggies), a bit of a debate unfolded about the connection between taglines and strategy.

Fundraiser and blogger Chuck English asserted that a tagline is nothing but a tool, and that approaching it otherwise diverts organizations from the critical work of strategy.

In response, Katya Andresen, COO at Network for Good, commented, “Taglines are a great test of your strategy. You can’t have a clear tagline if you don’t have a clear sense of 1) your mission; 2) what is special about your organization; and 3) what your audience cares about.”

I couldn’t agree more with Katya. And I was glad to see Chuck raise the issue. Because if there’s one thing I’ve learned since starting the Nonprofit Tagline Awards program, it’s that most nonprofits misunderstand or overlook the power and importance of taglines and other key messages, and the critical role they play in strategy.

Here’s what I see as the vital relationship an organization’s messages and its strategy. This bridge may well be the eye-opener that enables you to meet your messaging goals!

Please add your thoughts to the conversation here.

P.S. Learn how to strengthen your nonprofit’s marketing impact with the new 2011 Guide to Nonprofit Marketing Wisdom.

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