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According to the Bangor Daily News, the Maine Indian Basket Maker’s Alliance–focused on preserving and extending the art of basket making within Maine’s American Indian community–has just received a $63,000 grant from the US Department of Agriculture. Who knew that the USDA gave grants for marketing assistance?

"We’re a prominent retail business here in Old Town, and revenue from sales goes back into the organization and support a master apprenticeship program," says Alliance Executive Director Theresa Secord.

In addition supporting the tribes, the crafts also draw consumers to the region, and Secord is doing
everything she can to generate more customers and sales. Grant monies will go to:

  • Marketing efforts for the alliance and individual artists.
  • Identifying business opportunities for enhanced markets for the gallery and individual artists,including export markets.
  • Developing a best practices manual to help Alliance entrepreneurs understand the markets and art presentation procedures.

Take-homes for your nonprofit:

  • Consider ways that your organization can generate an income stream beyond grants and other funding.
  • Learn enough about business to know what help you need.
  • Look to nontraditional sources for marketing dollars (who would have thunk that the USDA funded marketing)?

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