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Donor LoveDonor communications that connect—that appreciate, energize and activate your prospects and donors—are THE key to fundraising success. That’s nothing new.

What you may not know though, is how few organizations do donor communications well. So if that’s your organization, you’re not alone!

Now—with the release of Integrated Fundraising: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly, by Mal Warwick/DonorDigital—we have proof of the ways most donor communications fail, and the impact that failure makes. If you’ve asked for resources to strengthen donor communications and have been turned down, or just haven’t found the time to tackle them, here’s the kick-in-the-pants you need.


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Join Me, 2pm et Today wExpert Mal Warwick -- Fundraising When Money Is Tight for NTEN members onlyIt's far from secret that we're dealing with a tough economic environment these days and there's no magic 8 ball to tell us when things might turn around.  And it is in these tough times that innovation, creativity and some common sense can take you further than even before. 

In his new book, Fundraising When Money Is Tight: A Strategic and Practical Guide to Surviving Tough Times and Thriving in the Future, fundraiser extraordinaire Mal Warwick shares some simple yet sometimes counter-intuitive steps are presented that you can take to ensure that your organization will suffer the least possible damage in a down economy — and emerge healthy and poised for renewed growth when the economic crisis has passed.

Join me today at 2pm (eastern) as I host Mal in NTEN's Ask the ExpertRegister now (for NTEN members only, join here) to learn from a master and ask your own questions.

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