Mark Albin Newark Museum audience research

Increasing Visitors and Donations in the Shadow of the Great New York Museums -- Newark Museum Case StudyBack in the fall of 2003, when Mark Albin, Newark Museum deputy director of marketing and public relations, started his new job, he faced what seemed like an overwhelming challenge.

Museum visitors were few and far between to this incredible art and science resource with a planetarium, a restored 19th-century mansion, representative works of American art, historical galleries and much more. But low visitation wasn’t the only issue. The low number of visitors capped funding (many funders gauge gifts on visitation, among other factors; and most major donors evolve from the visitor base) and, ultimately, the Museum’s impact.

Today, visitors are at an all-time high. Read the complete case study to learn how Albin harnessed  straighforward, moderately-priced audience research to get a better understanding of the problems and how to solve them.

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