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BowieGuest blogger Susan Bowie is the Director of Nonprofit Strategy at the Community Foundation of Sarasota County She’s a passionate and talented force for good,  helping organizations in the region develop their nonprofit marketing finesse.

Have you crowned your board members yet?

These Kings and Queens of Communications are–or should be–your organization’s number one messengers. To uphold the royal crown, each board member should be

  • A donor, making at least one financial gift that is meaningful to her each year, without being asked.
  • An ambassador, talking about your organization in her various networking circles of friends, family, colleagues and business associates.
  • An informant, always holding up her antennae for news, events and discussions that could influence your organization’s mission and work in the community.


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In the competition for attention and connection, your messaging is one of the most powerful marketing strategies your nonprofit has, but is frequently left half-done or overlooked altogether.

I’d like to help you with that via a straightforward swap: you give me your attention for five minutes, and I’ll share my expertise on a key path to “getting attention.”

Here’s what I propose:

  • You take five minutes of your time to tell me about your organization’s messaging—the who, what and how; what’s working well; and what’s getting in the way, etc.— via this online survey (deadline June 13).
  • In return for your time, I’ll invite you to join me for a no-charge, limited-enrollment webinar later this summer: How to Tell Your 5-Star Stories.  You’ll learn how to:
  • Find the great stories in your organization
  • Shape characters your supporters will connect with
  • Structure your stories with three proven plots.


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What if you were skilled at the  
most critical marketing process necessary to
engage your target audiences with clarity and purpose?

Register by December 31 to
Save $200

I’m thrilled to invite you to participate in the Message Focus Project (MFP) (formerly known as the Tagline Focus Project), starting February 14, 2012.

I’ll serve as your guide and coach as you learn to shape messages that connect your organization with the audiences who can help move your mission forward.


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The State of the Nonprofit Message (Part One)Thanks to all (nearly 1,000!) who responded to our marketing messages survey. Your input is tremendously helpful in shaping the content and programs we’ll be sharing in 2010.

Many of you are absolutely message-focused (terrific!); some of you want to be, but can’t; and a few of you question the primacy of messaging in the marketing mix. But no matter where you stand, most of you share frustration with your organization’s messaging – seeing the opportunities for improvement but never quite being able to get there.

Typically, we wait until we’ve had a chance to analyze and interpret all survey responses before we report out to you. But because of the urgency of getting messages right, we wanted to share these trends immediately. You’ll get the full story in January.

The big story: Nearly three of four nonprofit communicators say that their messages connect with target audiences only somewhat. Here’s the most frequently-cited reason for the failure to connect: “Our message is quite memorable given the time to explain or show the details. However, we can’t educate the whole world on a one-to-one basis and people generally don’t know or think about our issues. We need short, sharp statements to get the idea across quickly.”

This widespread lack of messaging impact is a huge opportunity for your organization to power up its communications and fundraising impact in 2010. Getting Attention will be guiding you all the way!

P.S. Here’s the complete article on our early findings on nonprofit messaging. To ensure you get the full report, subscribe now to the twice-monthly Getting Attention e-update.

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How to Write Stronger Nonprofit Marketing MessagesTo make your organization’s voice stand out in today’s overwhelming chorus of messages, you need a coherent and compelling “message platform,” comprised of concepts, words and phrases that communicate your nonprofit’s value or impact across communications channels.

Your messages are one of the most powerful marketing strategies you have! That’s why I’m making a special effort in 2010 to help nonprofits like yours craft stronger messages.

Please help us build our understanding of your nonprofit messaging needs and goals by taking five minutes of your time today to complete this brief survey (survey closes Wed., Dec. 16th). Your responses will help us develop more content and programming that address your messaging interests and needs to help you craft stronger marketing messages in 2010.

In return for your valuable time, we’ll invite you to join us in a no-charge webinar in early 2010: 3 Steps to Writing Stronger Nonprofit Web Content.

P.S. Don’t miss out on in-depth articles, case studies and guides to nonprofit marketing success — all featured in the twice-monthly Getting Attention
Subscribe today.

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