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MIT Admissions Staff Bloggers Respond to Dean of Admissions Scandal -- No Better Crisis CommunicationsHigher ed marketing Guru Bob Johnson reported recently on how blogs have helped MIT talk frankly about last week’s departure of the dean of admissions. Read Message from Ben and Matt, the recently-launched blog from MIT’s admissions communications director to see how the blog format serves as a natural, honest way to communicate directly with future students.

Nothing like conversation (and blogs are online conversation, when done right) to quell worries, emphasize credibility and build loyalty. Good move MIT.

Consider launching staff  blogs (from by staff members who most public facing — or should be), member-to-member, donor-to-donor, volunteer-to-volunteer or a mix thereof blogs for your organization, before its crisis communication time. Then you’re good to go with a strong channel if/when a crisis arises and you need to get the word out quickly.

Are any of your staff members blogging? Let me know if the comments field below please.

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