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Network for Good has just released "The Young and the Generous," its new study about the growth in online charitable giving.

Here are a few of the highlights from the report, and how they impact your nonprofit:

  • Online giving is growing exponentially, but represents only 2-3% of total giving by individuals at this time.
    • Impact: Your organization should continue running giving campaigns via traditional and online channels.
  • Online givers are young, averaging 39.5 years old, whereas most offline donors are 55+.
    • Impact: Customize your giving messages to your targets. Online givers are likely to have different interests and motivations than your traditional giving base.
  • Online giving is the path of choice for disaster relief. Donors want to be able to respond quickly.
    • Impact: Make an extra effort — energy and budget  wise — in executing the online components of  disaster reflief campaigns. They’re more important than ever. Every time there’s a disaster, donors are online looking for a reputable organization to which to donate. Give them the information, and tools, they need to make that decision in your organization’s favor.
  • Giving online is characterized by the renowned long tail phenomenon. The usual suspects (a few, well-known nonprofits) receive half of all online donations but thousands of smaller or lesser-known organizations collectively receive the other half.
    • Impact: This is great  news for your smaller or lesser-known nonprofit. Online giving is working for you.  Its enabling you to broaden and deepen your reach, at a modest cost. Do as much as you can of it.

Read the complete report for several other findings relevant to your nonprofit’s giving program.

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