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From soulful to silly, heartfelt to heavy, no matter the approach, organizations like yours are using Valentine’s Day to get attention and motivate the actions they need this week and beyond. You still have time to leverage Valentine’s Day TODAY if you act now.

The secret sauce here is piggybacking on what’s top of mindYour people are already thinking about this stuff, so are far more likely to connect with your Valentine’s mini-campaign right now. They’ve been helping their kids write out cards for the entire class, buying that last-minute box of chocolates for their partner, or grabbing a bunch of roses on the way home from work. 

They couldn’t forget Valentine’s Day even if they wanted to. So use St. Valentine as a springboard to engagement. That’s Relevance Rules Messaging! Here’s how:

1) Find your cause’s genuine connection to love. It’s crystal clear for causes/issues like heart health, blood and organ donation and human services. The link may be less evident for other causes but is often findable with a bit of probing. Brainstorm with your colleagues over coffee asap.

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Relevance RulesThere’s no better way for your organization to get your supporters’ and prospects’ attention (media attention, too) than piggybacking on what’s already top of mind. Your people are already thinking on this stuff, so are far more likely to connect with your campaign than at any other time. Relevances rules!

So, make the most of Mother’s Day—you still have time if you act now. Mother’s Day campaigns are right-things, right-now marketing and I’ve seen some fantastic examples from nonprofits like yours in recent years. Take a look and act NOW:


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Kids4Kars | Donate Your Kid Today

Update: Thanks to community member Phyllis Nunkis who brought 4 Kids’ deceptive practices and false advertising to my attention. Kids4Kars doesn’t meet the Better Business Bureau’s standards for Charity Accountability, and the organization has been the subject of many, many complaints from consumers over the years.  It is unfortunate to see smart, creative marketing used for the wrong purposes,” says Phyllis.

She’s 100% correct, but the best response we can have is to use this effective model to spur our own marketing innovation. Go to it!

What a morning! Our daughter, Charlotte, is off to her 5th-grade camping trip today and woke up with a challenging combo of anxiety and excitement—about having the right clothes, the weather, and every other facet of the trip she could imagine.  Between us, it was a nightmare getting her out of the house this morning and a huge relief to watch the bus pulling away.

So how timely that that I saw this Kids 4 Kars campaign first thing today. Talk about getting my attention!


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Part One—Communicate Now on Govt. Shutdown Impact

This post by Dan Moyle was originally published on the Talons Out Honor flight blog. Thanks for sharing, Dan, and kudos for your great work here.

Last week the U.S. Government shut down. It’s a serious story, with implications abounding. Unemployment, services cut off to those in need, chaos in Washington, D.C. (well maybe that’s far-fetched—it’s already chaotic there). However, the shutdown also affected me in an unexpected way—I turned the headlines into a story to get attention (and donations, I hope) for Honor Flight.


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THIS is what you need to do to connect with your people (supporters, prospects, partners, staff, leadership and volunteers all) and move them to take the actions you need.

Take newsjacking one step further—to integrate what’s going on inside of your peoples’ heads—as well as in the world around them and you, to focus your marketing messages, format, channel and delivery time. Here’s a great example…

Friday was tough here in the Northeast. The real blizzard was still en route but the pelting ice outside made outside play impossible. Every child I know was yearning for snow and, with school closed or cut to a half day, sick of being stuck inside. Ugh!

So when this tweet and the email below crossed my lens, I thought, “Wow, these folks really get me. And if they get me, I’m more interested in what they have to say.” (post continues below email)


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Today’s a great opportunity for your organization to be relevant, by communicating the right message to your network at the right place and time. Catching these open-minded moments is the way to be relevant, and relevance rules in 2012.

Leveraging a news item or special day by connecting your organization’s issues and impact to it (authentically, not manipulatively) is a tried-and-true nonprofit marketing strategy with high ROI (return on investment). And if it’s too late for today—read right here to prep for St. Patrick’s Day or April Fool’s Day.

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