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Here's My Brief, Practical Tutorial on Nonprofit BrandingI did lots of review and thinking on nonprofit branding for today’s teleseminar on the topic, updating my case studies and take on the topic. So I thought I’d share the handout — a nine-page primer on nonprofit branding
— with Getting Attention readers.

An effective brand is a prerequisite for nonprofit marketing success, so I suggest you waste no time in digesting this succinct tutorial. You’ll learn:

  • Why should a nonprofit care about brand? Isn’t that really for consumer goods?
  • OK, then what really is a brand?
  • Where does our logo and tagline come in?
  • How do we bring our brand to life — challenges, elements, costs?
  • What’s the best workplan for developing an effective nonprofit brand?
  • How do we get the word out on our new or updated brand?

Let me know if you have anything to add, and I’ll do it. Just email me.

Also, please pass the guide along to colleagues. Just note that it is copyright protected.

More articles on nonprofit branding here, including brand case studies of Legal Momentum (formerly NOW), and UNCF (the United Negro College Fund.

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