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I used to believe anything was possible.

Now I know it is.

Yesterday I watched Austrian Felix Baumgartner break the record for the highest-ever skydive. His dive from near-space also broke the sound barrier, as he jumped 23 miles (a.k.a. 128,000 foot) to stick it in New Mexico.

This spectacle so entranced the rest of us that we broke YouTube in trying to watch. Only temporarily, but still—8 million people were trying to see this amazing success story and crashed access to the live stream. It was compelling

But even more power than watching the jump is the kick in the pants we can get from Baumgartner’s focus, passion and perseverance. If you don’t take risks, you won’t move forward.


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Great Words Promoting Good Causes

I’m thrilled to launch the 2012 Nonprofit Tagline Awards (The Taggies)!

With the introduction of a new awards category—Advocacy Campaign Taglines, sponsored by—in addition to the Organizational, Fundraising Campaign, Program/Product/Service Taglines categories, your organization can now enter up to five taglines. Enter one or all today!

As a bonus, every entrant will be invited to join me for a free webinar later this summer: Aha! Messages—4 Ways to Test Message Relevance.


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…via video, and every other medium.

I’m a big fan of The Wooster Group – an inventive, provocative theater company based in Manhattan. But this video, emailed out today to herald a forthcoming benefit, is just plain empty of  meaning.

Better not to say (or video) anything at all, than to release a video without meaning. That generates annoyance, the absolute enemy of engagement.

My bet is that no one outside the Group saw this video before it was released. Always test…even if the tester is your partner or neighbor. It’s not about you, it’s about your network (AGAIN)!

Have you seen or watched nonprofit marketing content that annoys you, or is empty? If so, please share the what and why with us.

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