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Copy and Paste ContentI was fascinated to learn that  82% of all content sharing is done via copying and pasting according to Tynt, a service that tracks when people copy and paste content from 600,000 publishers’ sites. That’s 4.5 times the amount of content shared via social sharing buttons.

Tynt analyzes 30 billion data points per month, and contends that the more content creators like you know about how people engage with their content, the more it can do to ensure they stick around longer. About half the content people copy and paste is being shared with others, potentially growing your audience, but the rest of the time, they’re searching or saving for their own use, and your org is more likely to keep them on your online channels by giving them more of what they’re looking for.

That’s a huge sample size, and you have to conclude that copying and pasting leads the way as THE most common way your people share information too. So make it easy for your people to remember and share your messages.

Take these four steps to make it easy  to copy and paste your content:

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Tip of the hat to Marketing Profs for framing content marketing—how your nonprofit can use content to build strong relationships with target audiences—in terms of this delightful cooking-themed info-doodle.


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