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Take Me to Your Leader -- Campaign to Keep Your Marketing Strong in Tough TimesYou know that far too often marketing is perceived as a support function, rather than a strategic one. And, in tough times like these, the marketing budget is often the first to be cut. That’s why I was particularly pleased to speak to a record turnout of nonprofit marketers and fundraisers down in Sarasota last week.

Nothing’s more important now than ensuring your organization’s leaders get that cutting marketing back now is a BAD MOVE! No program succeeds without participants; no service lasts without users; few organizations stay healthy without a strong donor and volunteer base — and marketing is the way that these groups are reached, engaged, retained and motivated to act.

Challenge your organization’s leaders NOW if they’re shying away from investing in marketing. If they do, the org will really suffer longterm. Arm yourself with as many hard stats and success stories as you can. Talk about what colleague and competitive organizations are doing, and what you’ll lose if your organization retreats now. Show your case, always more effective than telling it. But do it now, proactively.

Don’t forget to email me on how it goes: Let’s share strategies so we can continue to strengthen the sector, rather than step back and watch it deflate.

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