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Jump Into Today's Free Online Discussion on Annual Reports wAR Guru Kivi Leroux Miller Noon EasternKivi Leroux Miller is the "be all and end all" expert on nonprofit annual reports, and you won’t get better guidance on creating an efficiently powerful AR from anyone else. And after all, the annual report remains a core element of most nonprofits’ marketing plans.

With that in mind, the Chronicle of Philanthropy features Kivi, along with nonprofit annual report-er Ken Grunke, in its free online discussion on the topic, scheduled for Tuesday Sept. 9th 12pm (eastern time). The conversation will focus on how your organization can get more mileage out of its annual report, creative ways to present it to donors and supporters, and how to use online tools to present the report in new ways.

More information here, where you can also submit your annual report questions for discussion.

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