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On-the-Spot Marketing Works Every Time--The Ultimate in Targeting Case StudyThis magnet was centered on the fridge door of our Cape Cod rental. You couldn’t miss it even if you wanted to: Vacation over? Got extra food? Donate to Pantry Partners for Cape Cod Families in Need.

What a great example of smart, simple, inexpensive marketing by Pantry Partners, a young nonprofit now active in 12 Cape communities. Putting your call to action on the spot, when and where people are doing something related, works. I registered Pantry Partners’s request every time I opened the fridge, and you know where our remaining groceries went when we headed home.

Another beautiful example, which I forgot to photo document, is the row of small flag positioned alongside the tidal flat boardwalk at the Wellfleet Bay Audubon Society. These flags, posted at the level to which the water will rise (far above the boardwalk and most of the flora and fauna) call attention to the threat of a rising sea level in an immediate and graphic way.  Not quite as effective as the food drive fridge magnet, since most folks will walk that way only once on a trip, but high-impact nonetheless in making what is frequently an abstract concept extremely concrete.

Brainstorm on what marketing your org can execute “on the spot,” and let me know how it goes.

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