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Your response to findings from our  Nonprofit Messages Survey highlights your desire for messages that connect quickly and strongly with the people whose help you want and how few of your organizations have those messages in place. This is a huge opportunity to improve your connection with your base, and one that’s absolutely doable by organizations of every size.

Now I want to focus hard on one of the most valuable opportunities there is, in part because it’s seldom used by organizations like yours—taglines for your advocacy and fundraising campaigns, and your special events.

Get this: Just 33% of nonprofits with advocacy initiatives in place have used a tagline for one or more of their advocacy campaigns (see chart). That means 67% of advocacy campaigns (probably more, because respondent organizations may have used an advocacy campaign tagline just once) have a clear path to stronger results.

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We’re nearing the finish line for the Nonprofit Messages Survey 2012, which closes June 13 COB. 1,472 of you have shared such valuable data already (thank you), and I hope to hear from more of you before it’s all over.

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In the competition for attention and connection, your messaging is one of the most powerful marketing strategies your nonprofit has, but is frequently left half-done or overlooked altogether.

I’d like to help you with that via a straightforward swap: you give me your attention for five minutes, and I’ll share my expertise on a key path to “getting attention.”

Here’s what I propose:

  • You take five minutes of your time to tell me about your organization’s messaging—the who, what and how; what’s working well; and what’s getting in the way, etc.— via this online survey (deadline June 13).
  • In return for your time, I’ll invite you to join me for a no-charge, limited-enrollment webinar later this summer: How to Tell Your 5-Star Stories.  You’ll learn how to:
  • Find the great stories in your organization
  • Shape characters your supporters will connect with
  • Structure your stories with three proven plots.


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