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Register now for NTEN’s Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC) and we’ll finally have a chance to meet in person! More importantly, you’ll have the opportunity to nourish and energize yourself talking with–and learning from–some of the most creative, passionate folks in the nonprofit world!

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You know it from your personal life, and on the professional side too — when you share something personal (but appropriate, can’t be too much), it can deepen understanding, interest and the connection.

The same goes when your organization — or you, speaking for your organization — does so. Here are a couple of recent examples that wowed me:

  • Holly Ross, NTEN‘s executive director, used a double fun strategy to raise $10,000 for scholarships to the recent NTC conference. She challenged members and others to give, offering their choice of “public humiliation” if they met the goal. They did, and the vote was for Holly to do a remake of Beyonce’s Put a Ring on It video. The NTEN community (and my daughter, Charlotte) went wild for the video, which generated a huge amount of Holly- and NTEN-love. Move over Beyonce.
  • Patricia Wilson, executive director of the Greater Bay Area Make-a-Wish Foundation just launched a diet-based fund-raising campaign to help close the gap on her org’s $200,000 deficit. She’s putting herself way out there, asking folks to pledge for every pound she loses. Donors and lurkers can track her progress (see her sign at left, with weight lost and dollars gained) and give via Patricia’s Big Loser Campaign on Facebook. She’s going strong on both fronts and is likely to exceed her $7,500 goal.
  • Social media blogger Chris Brogan shaved his head to raise money for Giving Kids Laptops. His dramatic campaign – – part all Chris, part reality TV — conveyed like nothing else how passionate he is about the cause, and made me feel like part of the Chris club.

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Join Me at NTC, SanFran 426-28 -- It's One of the Most Stimulating Conferences I Know

I hope you’ll join me at NTC (the annual conference of NTEN, the National Technology Network), April 24-26, 2009 in San Francisco. I want to chat in person and talk through what I’m learning.

Listen! Don’t stop reading because I said “technology.” Please forget the name and let what I’m saying sink in.

Here’s what you need to know: NTC is a gathering of some of the most thoughtful, imaginative, charged, exciting folks in the nonprofit biz. Communicators, fundraisers, program folks, IT staff — anyone who integrates technology tools into their work. People like Katya Andresen, Beth Kanter and Kivi Leroux Miller plus nonprofit innovators like the Humane Society’s Carrie Lewis and Wendy Harman with the American Red Cross.

I participated for the first time last year — when I finally realized how relevant the conference is for nonprofit communicators — and was energized, inspired and much smarter by the time I left.

There’s incredible content and connections. I left last year’s NTC with a slew of new friends and colleagues with whom I’ve shared stories, challenges and fun with ever since. Here’s my take on the 2008 NTC.

Take a look today at the agenda (communications breakouts here) and folks who are coming. Irresistable. Register now for the early-bird rate (expires January 31st). The conference does sell out.

NOTE: Full disclosure — I’ve just joined the NTEN board. But rest assured, I was a NTEN booster way before that!

P.S. Need a scholarship?

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