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10 Ways to Make Your Online Press Room Perform for Your NonprofitTo capture a journalist’s attention and answer her questions, a repository of press releases plus some bios and head shots (which comprises the entirety of most nonprofit press rooms), just isn’t enough.

How to ensure you’re providing the timely, meaty information and insight journalists crave, enough to engage and motivate a call or email for a conversation? Every media pro worth her paycheck knows a great online media room means the difference between multiple column inches and a mere mention, if that.

Here’s how to do it:

What’s an Online Media room vs. an Online Press Kit

Online media rooms, and journalists’ expectations of them, have evolved. Many nonprofit organizations now feature "virtual press kits," but an effective online press room is more than just a media kit…
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What to Include in Your Online Press Room
Your online press room should provide what you used to include in your hard-copy press kit, and then some. Here are the top ten must-haves:

  1. The absolute latest news
  2. Downloadable photos and graphics to accompany stories
  3. A directory of your organization’s experts
  4. Succinct backgrounders and fact sheets
  5. Up-to-the-minute event calendars and timelines
  6. Guidelines on writing and reporting on your organization’s key topics or issue areas
  7. Audio and/or video clips
  8. Awards and recognition
  9. Recent coverage
  10. News feed for automatic receipt of press room updates.

Get the complete how-to and links to effective examples here.

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