Oxfam International Make Trade Fair Make a Big Noise

Cover your ears. Oxfam International is enacting a new strategy for global change: Think creatively, and make a big noise for fair trade.

That’s the essence of Make a BIG NOISE for Make Trade Fair, a new non-traditional media competition dreamed up by Oxfam’s New Zealand-based marketing firm. The campaign goal (and the contest is a communications strategy, to generate a broader-based campaign strategy…very meta) is to 1)move people to make trade fair by signing the Big Noise petition; and 2) to create awareness of trade issues and motivate audiences to conscious consumerism, with free trade in mind.

This is how the contest works:

  • All under-30s worldwide are invited to submit a campaign idea in support of Oxfam’s Make Trade Fair campaign. The competition starts on December 1, 2006.
  • The winner will see her idea brought to life on a global scale across non-traditional media channels, and have the opportunity to work with some of the world’s greatest creative talent to make that happen.
  • Other partners will assist in streaming, hosting, distributing and promoting the campaign worldwide through various non-traditional channels.
  • The competition starts on December 1, 2006. Entries close on February 9th, 2007.

Oxfam’s done a great job of marrying the contest (which has a great game-oriented Web site) with a multi-faceted free trade campaign with all elements targeted to under-30 crowd. Elements include:

  • A clear, succinct creative brief on the campaign — detailing focus, objectives, target audiences, messages.
  • A forum, which will open in early December, for contest entrants and potential entrants, to submit questions and swap ideas.
  • Free-trade oriented film clips, for site visitors who want to learn more.
  • Links to other resources that will help visitors in their "quest to make the world a fairer place."

I’m looking forward to seeing the winning campaign generated by the contest, and will update you on contest news over the next couple of months.

Learn more about crafting an effective creative brief here.

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