nonprofit-branding-strategiesThanks for your intense interest in the Komen-KFC busted brand case study.

You jumped into the conversation on a critical issue in nonprofit marketing–what Komen should do next and ongoing standards for choosing partners, with an unprecedented level of participation. The 100 plus comments and emails submitted by Getting Attention e-update and blog  readers indicate the strong feelings about this deal.

What’s so compelling here is the range of issues the story raises for nonprofits of all foci, size and budget, including:

  1. The impact a bad decision makes on your organization, now and in the future—Komen and KFC forever?
  2. The importance of being poised for effective crisis communications—Komen has kept very quiet about the KFC partnership, letting others fill the space with their perspectives on the deal, and the issue.
  3. The necessity to define standards for partner selection—Standards are key baselines for decision making on partnerships of all kinds, although in general corporate partnerships require even more scrutiny.

Read the full article to learn how to handle these challenges to strengthen your nonprofit marketing now and in the long-term.

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