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Five-Star Arts Marketing Coup Peak Performances Makes Me Feel WantedI've blogged before about high-impact marketing from the wonderful Peak Perfs performance series at Montclair Sate University. Now they've done it again.

My husband and I have tickets to hear Cajun/Zydeco music there this weekend, and just received an e-invite to learn Zydeco dancing at a free pre-performance session. Easy-to-organize and a great way to build interest and community, at little cost or effort.

Such add-ons are another potent arrow in Peak Perfs' community-building quiver, complementing its frequent pre- or post-performance discussions which are often held online to extend the opportunity to those who couldn't make the show.

If they keep it up, we may buy all-season tickets next year. It's nice to be courted and engaged. 

How can your organization extend itself or its programs or services beyond the standard to engage your network?

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