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This issue has been discussed as an either/or for the last several years, but I urge you to consider both. As a marketer with years in the industry before there was an online medium, I know and believe in print. Its qualities include tangibility, portability, feel (it has one). Then again the online medium enables you to be more timely, save postage and printing costs, and enable users to link immediately to actions such as advocacy or giving.

I’ve long concluded that each medium has each advantages and both should remain in your nonprofit’s marketing portfolio. In most cases, I believe it makes sense to publish print and online newsletter editions, for different purposes and audiences. Print for periodic publication (2-4 times a year), for conservative and/or older audiences such as many major donors and board members, as a wrap-up of events and harbinger of what’s to come. Online for timely (at least twice a month) outreach, to motivate action, to get attention on a regular basis from those who know and support your work.

Veteran fundraiser Kim Klein is also an advocate of these parallel newsletter publishing streams. Read her recent article on the topic for more of her perspective.

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