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Reach Out via Right Place, Right Way CommunicationsYesterday, as I finished up post-swim in the JCC (Jewish Community Center) locker room, I saw cards on the counter from the Rachel Coalition stating “Love Shouldn’t Hurt.” That got my attention.

The Rachel Coalition is a regional organization working to help domestic violence victims and their children find haven and work towards a new, safe life. Unfortunately, domestic violence remains a taboo and women are frequently ashamed to admit they are victims, even to themselves.

So what better place than a locker room — where women are likely to feel as relaxed as they’ll get (post workout) and as safe as they can — to spread the word on the Coalition’s services. But the Coalition went beyond the right place, putting a lot of thought into designing the cards. The front is quite discrete and likely to be overlooked by those who aren’t victims. It’s only when you open the card that you see the services and support offered. And the cards small size makes it easy to tuck it away in a hand or pocket.

Even better, the invitation to consider turning to the Coalition for help is reinforced by the poster women see as they exit the locker room.

This is a powerful example of strategic but low cost right place, right way communications. Let the Rachel Coalition’s locker room campaign inspire your organization to communicate more effectively.

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