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Rainforest Action Network Grabs Headlines -- Connects Its Work wFinancial CrisisMy husband Sean, who works down in the Wall Street area, called in yesterday with this hot story: The Rainforest Action Network(RAN) had hoisted a huge "FORECLOSURE" banner, printed on a 150 square foot American flag, over the Wall Street bull. About 50 protesters and an interested crowd had gathered, including several media reps. Sean’s photos here.

Frame or be framed, as they say. RAN did a fantastic job in framing their campaigns as attacking the foundation of the current financial crisis. You see, RAN is generally perceived as a typical environmental organization. But for some time now, the org has broadened its focus to include a socially just and ecologically sustainable economy. It’s just that most people don’t think of RAN that way.

With today’s dramatic action, RAN linked its Global Finance and Sustainable Economies campaigns to a broader
concept of sustainability. In connecting its work with the financial debacle as follows, RAN grabbed headlines and boosted awareness of its focus, work and impact:

It is critical that we look beyond the bailout to the underlying cracks this crisis has exposed in our financial system. We have an unprecedented opportunity to rebuild our economy and establish a financial system that operates within ecological limits. It’s time for Americans to demand structural solutions that put families before financiers and the planet before profits.

Linking your org’s work and impact with page one news works time and again to boost media coverage. Make that connection clear to your media contacts who cover those issues/stories. It’ll increase awareness and engagement among your entire base while charging up your staff like the Wall Street bull.

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