Rosanne Cash

Does your organization have a distinctive voice?

Months and months ago, my husband Sean and I snagged tickets to a Rosanne Cash (singer/songwriter and Johnny’s daughter) concert.

We bought the tickets six months pre-show and, as we waited, I started to follow Rosanne on Twitter.

She’s a Twitter natural, conveying a deep sense of her perspective and personality. For example, one March afternoon, she tweeted that her bus broke down en route to play at Folsom prison (where her Dad had so famously played). Through the tweets that followed, I got a clear sense of how she thinks, feels and speaks as she shared what the experience meant to her. I felt I got to know her a bit.

That kind of connection is what nonprofit communications is all about. Rosanne on Twitter reinforces what I advise but seldom see–the critical importance of finding your real voice as an individual speaking for an organization (incorporating elements of both personalities) and using it on the channels that fit it (only those your target audiences prefer, of course). And doing it in a full way, so that you are putting yourself (and the organization) out there to be known. That’s what gives your target audiences something they can relate to.

What’s your organization’s voice and how did you find it? How do you use it? Please share your stories here.

P.S. Rosanne was gracious enough to meet with me after her fantastic show and told me about the three charities she is actively committed to.

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